Monday, June 18, 2007

Hayleigh's Visit Part 1

We've had a busy last week or so. Hayleigh got here a week ago this past Saturday. Sunday we went to Marc's baseball game, the pool, and had dinner with friends.

Monday we went to the Marine Corps Museum and then went walking at the track.

Tuesday we had lunch at the Pentagon and went to one of my doctor's appointments (no Gestational diabetes, whoo hoo!).

Wednesday we were at the zoo.

Thursday we went to the Musuem of Natural History.

(This one I like because it reminds me of my cat when she's cleaning her belly, just imagine a much larger belly.)

Friday was the Air and Space Musuem at Dulles (not the one on the Mall) and we saw Nancy Drew.

Saturday we went to the track again and then the Alexandria Waterfront Festival (yea for carnival food!). (Left the camera at home...)

Yesterday we created our baby registry at Target, went grocery shopping, and bought the crib (which we set up too).
(Forgive the mess, we have an 8 year old sleeping in the room too.)

And today, Hayleigh and I painted our own pottery. There were a few trips to the pool spaced in there. Speaking of which, we will probably end up at the pool this afternoon as it's about 95 degrees here today. Then we will be spending this evening tidy-ing up for my mom to get here tomorrow.

Sorry, there aren't any belly shots this time. I was usually the photographer, so I there aren't any of me.

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Steven said...

What a week! You must be exhausted. Say hi to your mom for me.
Uncle Steve