Thursday, January 27, 2011


We got snow last night. Only about 7-8 inches, nothing like last year in terms of amount. BUT! This storm hit right at the height of rush our and came on so fast and quick (2-3 inches an hour) and heavy (you should see the downed trees) that it stranded motorist. The entire metro region was gridlock! Thankfully, I took advantage of a 2 hour early release and got Sofie and got home just as the sleet and thundersleet/snow started. Marc, however, was trapped on his commuter bus for 5 hours! (Considering others in the area had commutes up to 13 hours, 5 seems not so bad.) And then he walked a mile from the park-n-ride home as the road was a parking lot and it was quicker to walk.

And to top it all off, we woke up with a sick kid-o this morning. I think it's generic crud (fever, snotty nose, lethargic), but we are watching it.

A few pictures of our snow.


Someone just abandoned their car. Of course, then the snow plow couldn't clear the parking lot.

It is so heavy, it squished lots of small trees and bushes and really weighed down larger trees.



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