Sunday, May 3, 2009

Full Weekend

We had a pretty full weekend. Saturday Marc rotated the tires on his car and reattached something on my car (I ran over a piece of 18-wheeler re-tred doing 75 miles an hour on my way back from SC a couple of weeks ago), we went to the Pet Fiesta at the Town Center, and we went to a Potomac Nationals game. The Pet Fiesta was a bit of a let down, although we did see a bunch of dog breeds we don't normally.

The baseball game was pretty exciting. The Nats beat the Keys, and there was a free fireworks show after the game.
The mascot, Grand Slam.
The fireworks.

Today Marc was scheduled to have a baseball game of his own, but it got rained out. So he rotated the tires on my car while Sofia and I went to Wally World looking for a pattern and material to make her a cheerleading uniform to wear to Marc's baseball games. Then I remember when I was in elementary school my mom made me a t-shirt dress out of some colored mens t-shirts. I started looking through the kids t-shirts and they happened to have the right color orange! Marc's team is the Loudoun Beavers and their colors are orange and black. I thought black would be too hot in July and they didn't have grey, so I got white and orange. Then I found matching orange grogan ribbon to make the "B" for Beavers.

Sofia was being a ham and started acting silly every time the orange light on the flash came on.

I finally had to have Marc hold her in place to get a picture of her outfit.

She even wanted me to take a picture of her lamb instead of her.

This is from a few days ago....I forgot all about it until I was downloading this weekend's photos. Girl loves shoes!


grokey said...

That's so cool that his team has a website and everything! Very professional. Sophia looks adorable, as always!

ellie said...

That outfit is fantastic!! Nice work.