Thursday, November 13, 2008

We need more Vitamin C!

We've been sick....again. Sofia had a cold right before the marathon, which she gave to me. Oh my, was what I had severe. I also got a cough which has been with me for oh, 2.5 weeks now. The cough is so bad, I lost my voice a week ago....and I still don't have it back yet. I've had two nurse practitioners tell me its a virus and it's got to run it's course and it could last about another week. Then we get a call from daycare yesterday....Sofia is running a temp of 102.something and is listless. We get her in to see the doc yesterday afternoon. She's got some kind of virus running through her, and a slight ear infection in one ear. We're to keep her hydrated and put drops in her ear. She was so pathetic last night. I had her on the changing table to put the drops in her ear, which she has to stay on her side for about 30 seconds afterwards to ensure it gets into the tube, she falls asleep in the 30 seconds we have to wait. I wish I had a camera on me.

Sofia also discovered her belly button over the weekend. Here are a few pictures.


Andee said...

Oh, I do love the belly button!

Sorry that you guys are sick. That is a major bummer!

Melissa said...

Hope you guys are feeling better.

The belly button is a very interesting part of the body!! :-)

ellie said...

For some reason those pictures made me laugh out loud... that's one of the cutest things i've seen all week! In the first one she really looks like you, Lauren!

Rhett said...

seriously - a week without a voice - i just lost mine today. and polly has all the symptoms i have - but worse. lovely.

i am loving the belly button pics. those are priceless.