Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weight Watcher's and Weigh In

I went to WW's on Saturday and was down 1.6lbs! Woo hoo! Now this is especially exciting because I was just hoping to maintain and thought surely I would have gained. And afterwards, I went to the gym and was able to run for 24 mins! (well, I walked 2 and ran 8, 3 times, but still...)

I also signed up for the monthly pass because I am quickly reaching the end of my free grace period they give lifetime members after having a baby. So, I have a question, anyone out there use eTools? I've been playing around with it over the weekend and trying to get the hang of things. I love the recipe builder!! I have been tracking online and in my little quick track to see which one I like better. But, I can't figure out how to swap activity points online. I can enter them, see that I have them, but don't know how to eat them. Anyone out there got a clue?


JustMelanie said...

hi lauren,
I did a quick search in the forums. Maybe this will help?

JustMelanie said...

sorry, really long url, this one is smaller to try

Caroline said...

When you put in the activity points in the online tracker, you will automatically "eat" them when you go over your daily points. The one thing I don't like is that you can't choose to, say, take the extra points you're eating from flex points instead of swap activity points for them. It's not a big deal since you're eating the points either way and they are being counted, but sometimes I would rather choose for something to be flex or something like that. But anyway, I LOVE eTools. Recipe builder is awesome and I really like the online tracker. You get to the point where almost everything you eat is in the "favorites" (as long as you mark them as favorites) or in the recently added tab, so it is so quick and easy to use. Hope this helps!

Rhett said...

WOW - you have a blog too!! I emailed Scott who sent my blog to Andrea who had Melanie's blog linked on hers and then I found yours from there! Sofia is SO cute!!

I had a little girl right after you did. Polly Katharine (Polly) born 11/13.

Funny that all of us had girls. Stephanie has a little boy who is 9 months old now. Cute fellow. I saw him in December when they stopped in on a visit.

I am loving this blog world - so I'll check in if you don't mind.

Check us out at We try to keep the world up to date on our goings on.

Take care!

Rhett said...

I completely understand mommy brain. any timeyou have time. are you back to work? can't wait to hear from you!