Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We had yet another wedding this past weekend. I think this is the end of wedding season for us. Marc was again in the sword detail, but this time he got to wear his Staff Sergeant rocker on his uniform. He was very excited. Long story short, the Marine Corps screwed up his end of service date and had him in the reserves until 2020, so they promoted him on April 1, 2007. He called and got everything straightened out and his end of service date now is the middle of April now instead of last December.

And a couple others of the happy day.

The cutie flower girl.


Beth said...

Well I'm glad Marc got everything straightened out! (and boooooo for no belly pictures!)

Lauren P said...

Sorry, with all the commotion and taking pictures of the bride, I never ended up in a picture. I take that back, I was in one picture, but the person who took it was not too talented because it ended up blurry and out of focus. How do you screw up a digital camera?? This person must not be very technically savvy.