Monday, April 9, 2007

It's here!

Our bedding arrived tonight! We were coming up the stairs with all our groceries and there was this huge box waiting at our door. I'm so excited. It's even better than it looked in the picture. All the clouds are fluffy and the moons are velvety soft and the stars are corduroy. If only we had a crib to go ahead and set it all up. But I know, we need to wash it and paint the walls first. Okay, that's our news for now. I'll try and get a picture on Wednesday when I'm 17 weeks.


Beth said...

How exciting! That was really quick. Have you felt him/her move yet? Are you showing??

Lauren P said...

No movement yet, but believe me I'm asking anyone who's preg or just had baby when they felt it. The doc said it probably wouldn't be until 20-22 weeks. Marc thinks I'm showing, I think I just look fat. I feel like I'm still in that in between stage, if you don't know I'm pregnant, you aren't really sure if I am or just a little heavy.

Allison said...

Yay for bedding! I can't wait for a picture! I first felt movement at 15 weeks, then an outside kick at 20 weeks. Soon!